Ugama is the study of Islam. It is taught in the Malay language (Bahasa Melayu) and is compulsory for all Bruneian Muslim students. The Ugama teachers at JIS, led by the Ugama School Principal, are all from the Department of Islamic studies at the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Upon completion of the Ugama studies, Bruneian Muslim students will sit for the SSSRU certificate. There are two programmes available at the Ugama school in JIS: the Short Programme (once a week after school) or the Full Programme (Monday-Friday after school).

Most Bruneian Muslim students will have completed their Ugama studies, achieving the SSSRU certificate by the end of Year 8. However, for those who have lived overseas, it may be that they need further Ugama studies whilst in Years 9-13 in order to achieve the SSSRU certificate.

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