Smashing time at JIS’ mini tennis festival

Jerudong International School (JIS) held the second Mini Tennis Festival at its premises yesterday as an initiative to create awareness in mini tennis to Pre-Prep school students.

The festival, aimed at three groups namely Reception, Year One and Year Two students, takes one hour on various rotations of activities.

The eight activities focused on a diverse range of basic skills including jumping, running, throwing stations, racket work, obstacle course, floor tennis and sponge throwing station.

“It looks at skills for the age groups but also trying to incorporate the tennis skills,” said Vanda Zebrakova, Head of Tennis in an interview with the Bulletin yesterday.

The Mini Tennis Festival served as a platform for the young participants to be involved in exercise and to be actively engaged in an outdoor environment.

A young participant attempts a serve at one of the stations – Fadhil Yunus

A young participant attempts a serve at one of the stations – Fadhil Yunus

“There is some racket work, throwing, serving, volleying and catching balls,” added Vanda.

“It is mainly for the kids to come out and take part in an exercise and be active for an hour.

“Tennis is not the most popular sport in Brunei so it is trying to make sure that tennis grows a little bit more. We have a mini tennis programme that a lot of the kids can take part in.”

The participants take seven minutes on each station related to the game of the mini tennis before they move to the next one with each group spending at least an hour on the set of activities.

Each station was managed by a student from Year 5 and Year 6 whose role is to assist the participants in making the correct move and at the same time also serving as an opportunity to act as leaders and little coaches.

“At the end of the festival, we want to bring awareness to tennis and mini tennis at JIS. In Brunei overall, there is not a lot of mini tennis programmes.

“We have a mini tennis at school which is doing really well where a lot of kids are taking part from Reception to Year 6. We also have regular tennis all the way up to Year 13,” she continued.

With tennis receiving favourable response from the FOBISIA Games, little can be said on the emphasis for competitive matches in mini tennis until recently where they had a fixture against Panaga.

She has also hinted plans of including mini tennis in the Junior Sports League (JSL).

Borneo Bulletin | Fadhil Yunus | April 23, 2016


JIS holds Fundraising Week for special needs children

JERUDONG International School (JIS) supports a number of local charities and this time around, the Junior School held a Fundraising Week to raise money for children with special needs in Brunei, a press release stated.

With the money raised in school and in consultation with the Special Needs Unit, this fundraising enables JIS’ Junior School to present some children with equipment to help them with their learning and mobility.

Paul Bannister, Head of Junior School, believes the annual Fundraising week provides a great opportunity for our children to actively give something back to the wider Brunei community.

“Seeing the difference that they can make to help other children overcome challenges in their education really helps them to understand the benefits of giving to others,” he said.

The Junior School students have been enthusiastic in participating throughout the week’s fundraising activities. The fun activities were namely ‘Dollar for a Job’, ‘Coin Drop – Every little bit counts’, ‘Bake Sale’ and ‘Launch a Teddy’.

Year 6 students participating in the fundraiser by selling donated baked goods at the Bake Sale. – JERU-DONG INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

Year 6 students participating in the fundraiser by selling donated baked goods at the Bake Sale. – JERU-DONG INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

One of the most popular events in the Fundraising Week is the annual ‘Coin Drop’ where students donate their coins and have the pleasure in adding their donation down a designated pipe from the first floor to the ground level.

The Year 6 Junior Council managed this year’s Bake Sale and sold baked goods to Junior School students during their morning break. ‘Launch a Teddy’ was a fun challenge where students had to design a parachute that kept their teddy bear in the air for the longest time possible. Every $2 for every teddy bear entry was donated towards the fundraising. This week the Junior School raised over $6,600.

“This kind of opportunity isn’t always easily available to younger children so it is important that we provide this week for both the children of JIS and the children who receive the learning resources,” added Bannister.

Borneo Bulletin | April 02, 2016

JIS kids visit bakery

EIGHTEEN kindergarten pupils from Jerudong International School (JIS) yesterday turned little bakers for a day during their visit to Mum’s Bakery and Cake House (Mum’s Bakery) in Menglait.

Pupils, aged between three to four years old, who were accompanied by their teachers, had the chance to learn how dough and cakes are made and baked.

They also joined in various activities such as rolling and kneading dough to make their own bread creations and icing cakes with piping bags.

“The children love being out in the wider community and developing their confidence in communicating with others. They also love the ride out on the bus,” said class teacher for Kindy Bear class Natalie Bannister.

She added, “Children learn best from first-hand experiences and we attempt to ensure that the children at JIS are exposed to a wealth of these both within the school environment and the wider community.”

At the end of the day, the little visitors took home a bagful of goodies from the bakery.

Today, Mum’s Bakery will be welcoming the final batch of JIS kindergarten pupils.

The Brunei Times | RAGHADAH AGUS | Thursday, March 24, 2016 | BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN

JIS preschoolers visit Mum’s Bakery

PHOTO shows Jerudong International School (JIS) pupils during the visit at Mum’s Bakery. Kindergarten pupils from JIS had an enjoyable time at Mum’s Bakery Menglait branch as they watched how dough is prepared and cakes are made. Two more groups of kindergarten pupils will be visiting the bakery in the next few days. PHOTO BY ISHAN IBRAHIM

Borneo Bulletin | Ishan Ibrahim | March 23, 2016

JIS pupils' outing at Bake Culture

BAKE Culture opened its doors to a group of primary school pupils hungry for knowledge of bread and pastry yesterday.

The 20 Year Four pupils, who were accompanied by three teachers, were visiting the bakery as part of the school’s field trip for the year.

During the course of their visit, the pupils took part in fun activities, which included some book exercises comprising drawing and baked goods identification.

The highlight of the day was the visit to the kitchen.

There, the eager pupils were given a hands-on insight into how the many creations at Bake Culture are prepped and baked daily.

They were also given the chance to put on the finishing touches to the baked goodies.

“Visiting Bake Culture has been a wonderful experience. Thanks to Jonathan and his dedicated staff, the children have learnt so much about breads from around the world.

“The staff’s enthusiasm is infectious and I am sure the students have all been inspired by the Bake Culture philosophy of sharing the moment. Great food brings people together,” SaraMcKay, class teacher of 4M, was quoted as saying in a press statement by Bake Culture.

The bakery has hosted visits from schools, companies as well as tourist since its opening last August, according to its managing director, Wu Chun.

“... this is very encouraging for us as we want to share the passion of enjoying baked goods with others,” he said in the statement.

Interested parties who wish to arrange a tour around Bake Culture can get in touch with the bakery through its hotline at +6732233663, or contact the staff through social media by searching for ‘Bake Culture Brunei’. – Adib Noor

The Brunei Times | Tuesday, March 15, 2016 | BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN