Former Olympian advises athletes to work hard

WITH the sporting facilities and the passion for sports in Brunei, there is no reason why Brunei cannot produce top quality athletes who could compete in major competition around the world.

The positive observation was made by James Goddard, three-time gold medalist swimmer at the Commonwealth Games and a former Olympian for the United Kingdom, during his visit to the Jerudong International School (JIS) yesterday. Some 80 Year 5 students attended the talk.

To compete in major tournaments, his advice for local athletes especially national swimmers is to train hard and push oneself to the limit as well as be consistent in training because there is no shortcut to success.

Asked about the biggest hurdles in his career as national swimmer for the United Kingdom, he replied, “The major hurdle is to always keep the competitive mindset to compete on the top at all times because the high commitment and consistent high level training regime does take over the lifestyle. Trying to be focussed all the time is difficult and I nearly quit in 2006 because I thought that I couldn’t cope anymore.”

Besides intense training and hard work, he also mentioned that maintaining the passion and hunger for the success is also vital to be a top athlete in the world.

James Goddard in a group photo with the JIS students – JAMES KON

James Goddard in a group photo with the JIS students – JAMES KON

James Goddard, who has won a gold in the men’s 200m backstroke and a bronze in the men’s 200m individual medley at the 2006 Commonwealth Games as well as gold medal in the men’s 200m backstroke and in the men’s 200m individual medley at the 2010 Commonwealth Games has cited that his swimming teammates, coaches as well as family have been a major push factor and support for him to win the medals.

The former Olympian was forced to quit competitive swimming after he failed to get financial backing in 2014 and he also touched on the importance of financial support for athletes.

He said, “It is extremely important to have financial backing. If you don’t have a financial assistance or support for your sport then you have to look for finance by working in the day and train at night.

“It is difficult to train hard and work at the same time because recovery is very important for an athlete. Therefore, if an athlete is working all day and train at the evening, his body cannot be trained at its peak.”

James Goddard with Terry Butcher, former England football captain will be in Brunei to host the Summer Camp in July at the JIS’ Campus to develop confidence, leadership and communication skills among students for four weeks.

Borneo Bulletin | James Kon | May 26, 2016

30 JIS pupils in Bangkok for annual FOBISIA Games

A TOTAL of 30 students from Jerudong International School left for Bangkok yesterday to take part in the Primary FOBISIA Games, an annual South Asian sports festival for schools in the region.

The team is represented by students from Years 4, 5 and 6.

They will compete in athletics, swimming, football and T-Ball.

Participating countries include schools from Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, China and Brunei with a total of 276 students and 58 teachers.

“We are incredibly proud to have 30 talented students representing JIS at the FOBISIA games in Bangkok.

The JIS contingent poses for a group photo

The JIS contingent poses for a group photo

“At JIS we wholeheartedly believe in the values of sportsmanship and leadership.

“The FOBISIA games will give our young athletes the opportunity to gain experience and hone their skills in a friendly and competitive environment,” expressed Principal, Barnaby Sandow.

The team have been training for 6 months and are well prepared as they head into the competition.

Borneo Bulletin | May 25, 2016

JIS holds Design and Technology Exhibition

AT JERUDONG International School (JIS), the subject of Design and Technology is an integral part of the creative curriculum.

The annual Design and Technology exhibition opened this week in the JIS Arts Centre Foyer.

The exhibition is a showcase of the wonderful work created by students from the ages of seven to 18 years old. The latter being GCSE, ‘A’ Level and IB Diploma submissions.

Head of Design and Technology, Justin Harris explained that the exhibition has a strong focus on modern technology and manufacturing methods with many items designed and made using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM).

Laser cutters, CNC machines and 3D printers are central to the manufacturing and the students use a very wide range of materials to give opportunities to solve problems with different media.

The Design and Technology exhibition is open to the public from 8am until 4pm daily (closes at 12pm on Fridays) until June 12.



Borneo Bulletin | May 21, 2016

JIS starlets impress against MSPSBS in footie friendly

THE Jerudong Under-13 and Under-15 teams hosted a friendly match against their age group opponents from the Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College at its football field yesterday.

The Zone Cup winners have not featured in a lot of matches at the start of the year until an arrangement was made of a match against MSPSBS.

Steven Conlin, the Under-15 coach said the idea behind the friendly was to establish cooperation where teamwork and character-building in the players should be present.

“We’ve actually see some quiet kids actually come out and be a leader on the pitch and it is really nice to see that. The whole idea is to see them enjoying themselves,” Steven told the Bulletin.

In preparation for the friendly, the team have indeed treated the fixture as part of the school’s co-curricular activity (CCA) with the same competitive drive from past competitions with skill-based training sessions.

“We work out for 45 minutes on skills-based training. Basically, we will get on with the agility, pace, control the ball, passing and shooting the ball and in matches, we’ll just try put it all together”, Steven said.

The teams in a group photo

The teams in a group photo

The team, declared as co-champions in the recent Scouts Tournament, has been clear in its aims which they vastly benefited in their last six games where they have not conceded a goal.

“What we pride ourselves on is in the last six games we haven’t conceded a goal. That’s because what we are trying to do is teach them to push up and put pressure onto their attackers so they will get worried about it.”

“We’ve got the pace at the back if anyone goes pass us they can come back and retrieve it”

“The hardest thing about the sport is the positioning. If you get the positioning right, then you don’t really need to run anywhere and that’s what we are trying to do.”

The final against 64FT in the Brunei Darussalam’s Scouts Association (PPNBD) 9 a-side Under-15 Football Tournament was abandoned on May 8 due to bad weather but a friendly between the two sides has been discussed.

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Borneo Bulletin | Fadhil Yunus | May 17, 2016

JIS students revisit WWII Brunei

IN A BID to further foster comprehensive understanding of Brunei’s history, students of the Jerudong International School (JIS) have taken upon themselves to conduct research on the people affected by the World War II (WWII) as parts of their history projects.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, head of History at JIS Matthew Langridge said as WWII and Brunei’s history are part of the learning syllabus in Year 9, these (Year 9) students use these projects as opportunities to gain in-depth understanding of this significant period in history.

“Our students have undertaken their own research projects on the experience of Brunei during WWII and some even interviewed relatives who lived through that period,” he said.

“This period (WWII) is an important event in our history, and to learn about what really happened from individual’s personal accounts is something unique and valuable not only for us historians but also the students themselves in getting to know their own family’s background and history,” said the history teacher.

Sachi Dieker, a Japanese-American student, said that she interviewed her Japanese grandmother for the project when her grandmother visited the sultanate recently for a month from Japan.

Another student, Fairuz Zahra Feisal highlighted that the project was ‘a good learning experience’ in knowing the history of her family as well as Brunei itself.

She said that her interview with her 86-year-old grandmother was calm although her grandmother went through ‘traumatic experience’ during the war.

“She saw a lot of things happening around that time like she saw Japanese secretly taking some Bruneians and putting them in a hole and they shot them there,” said the 14-year-old.

Fairuz’s grandmother aged only nine to 10 during the war, also said that she and her family spent most of the time running and hiding in the forest during the Japanese’s occupation of Brunei.

“I didn’t know that she had that kind of experience and it’s hard to have that (experience) at that age.”

The videos of these interviews were showcased yesterday along with the opening ceremony of the multimedia exhibition of ‘Stories through Memories: 70 Years of Friendship’ hosted by JIS at its Art Centre. The exhibition was first launched last year to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the landing of Australia troops in Brunei in liberating the sultanate from Japanese occupation in 1945, dubbed as the ‘Oboe Operations’.

A joint-project between Australian High Commission and Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), the exhibition displayed historical photos from the Australian War Memorial archives, along with first-hand video interviews of Bruneians who lived during WWII as tributes to survivors of the war.

The exhibition at JIS formally opened by Jessica Bowen-Thomas, Australian High Commission’s Second Secretary representing the Australian High Commissioner and followed by a guest lecture by Dr Frank Dhont of UBD’s Institute of Asian Studies.

The WWII-themed exhibition with the added touch of JIS’s own students’ videos, will be opened for students, staff and families of the JIS community for the next two days (until May 13th).

The Brunei Times | ROSERA MOHD | Wednesday, May 11, 2016 | BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN