JIS students perform thriller comedy ‘The 39 Steps’

AROUND 100 Jerudong International School (JIS) senior students took the stage in the school’s adaptation of the thriller comedy, The 39 Steps last weekend at the JIS Arts Centre.

The show began with the ‘Swinging Sisters’ singing several 1940s style songs to help the audience picture the period in which the play takes place.

The opening scene saw final year student Caleb Burhan as Canadian Richard Hannay and Nicholas McCorrister as Mr Memory.

Both were involved in the school’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream play in November 2017.

The Director of The 39 Steps Sarah Grimshaw commented, “As a director, I feel it is my job to take those ideas straight from the students and help them to transform them into workable and interesting moments on stage.

“It is a show that belongs to the students and I could not be prouder.”

The school production was performed by senior schools students from Year 9 to Year 13, where 49 appeared on stage and more than 50 worked behind the scenes in set design and construction, designing and building props inspired by the 1950’s classic detective comics, making costumes, creating choreography, the complex lighting and sound, hair and make-up.

Principal Barnaby Sandow said, “It is a critical part of the journey at JIS that students challenge themselves to try something new and grow as a result. These are sizeable obstacles in terms of self-confidence, communication and trust that each individual has faced and overcome.

“The quality of performance that you have seen does not come about without a huge amount of commitment, resilience and determination given by each cast and crew member involved,” he added.

Caleb Burhan as Mr Hannay and the wicked Professor Jordan played by Eden Chiam. – PHOTOS: JIS

Caleb Burhan as Mr Hannay and the wicked Professor Jordan played by Eden Chiam. – PHOTOS: JIS

Spy Annabella Schmidt by Evie Hogan

Spy Annabella Schmidt by Evie Hogan

Borneo Bulletin | Wani Roslan | October 21, 2018