School introduces itself to the public

20 Years Ago

OCTOBER 2, 1998 – Jerudong International School (JIS) introduced itself to the public on Wednesday evening with its inaugural Open Evening event.

Beginning around 6.30pm, students took part in various activities ranging from music and drama performances to displays of their study routine.

Since its establishment in 1997, over 600 students, both local and foreign, have enrolled in JIS.

Students’ achievement and progress from last year were highlighted for visitors to see. Visitors also witnessed the incredible show on physical education and co-curricular opportunities given to students.

JIS boasts world-class education saying the school is fully equipped with state-of-the-art educational facilities and students are given unparallelled access to leading-edge technology.

Living up to its motto “Achieving Excellence”, students of the school achieved outstanding results in JIS’ first IGCSE examination after just one year in operation. – Syed Rory

A kindergarten student brushes up on his keyboard skills

A kindergarten student brushes up on his keyboard skills

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