Jerudong International School opened its primary school on 15 January 1997 and the secondary school, six months later, on 8 July 1997.  Since its beginnings, JIS’s student roll, boarding and day facilities have expanded significantly.

JIS is now a well established school with a sound academic reputation.  It provides a broad liberal education in the best traditions of independent schools. According to the report issued by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in May 2007, it serves its pupils well. 

JIS is one of only 70 international schools belonging to the Headmasters and Headmistress Conference (HMC) and one of only 120 British School Overseas (BSO) Schools. It is an active member of the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) and the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). The School is also a member of the UK Boarding Schools Association (BSA). JIS offers the British international curriculum and prepares students for GCSEs, IGCSEs, A-levels (AQA, Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel Board). As an IB World School, it offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

JIS has always been very much involved in the wider Bruneian community and parents are extremely supportive.  JIS takes very seriously the statement that it is an international school and seeks to promote understanding of the wide variety of cultural traditions and beliefs represented in the school.  It encourages debate about international affairs, the environment, modern history, global health issues and the development of a common international culture. The school prides itself on the interaction and friendship between young people of different ethnic groups and strives to promote international understanding in a practical and tangible way.

A strong emphasis is placed upon academic work and many pupils have been successful in gaining places at top universities overseas including; Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, LSE, Imperial College, Australian National University, National University of Singapore, Melbourne and Cornell.  A broad range of extra-curricular activities is offered and pupils participate in sporting, musical and dramatic events.  The atmosphere is liberal, but well disciplined.