Jerudong International School is proud of its extensive and world-class ICT facilities. Our network distributes a rich library of industry-standard educational software and media to over 1200 workstations, in 12 computer suites, staff offices and Boarding House study rooms. This includes a powerful Mac Lab in the Music Faculty for music technology and media production.

A further seven computer suites and an e-Learning Centre came online in the new Senior Academic Centre in September 2012. Access to wireless connections via pods of portable devices makes any classroom an electronic environment.

Each classroom is equipped with a desktop computer, projector and sound facilities. Interactive Whiteboards are distributed mainly for Junior School classrooms, but are also available elsewhere.

An extremely fast Internet connection distributes filtered online materials to all classrooms.

Our administrative network allows teachers to take electronic registers each lesson, effectively track and report on student progress, with access to a wealth of data and information files. Portals are also being developed for parents and students to access relevant personal data, assessment summaries and networked documents.

Students have access to our Virtual Learning Environment (Firefly) which distributes learning resources, as well as online assessments and homework activities, tailored by teachers to meet their needs. The children in the Junior school are equipped to use computational thinking and creativity to create programmes and a range of content. The children are also taught how to be digitally literate - able to use, and express themselves and develop their ideas through, information technology.. Students in the Senior School - Years 7-11 are required to have a full sized iPad in School and Years 12 and 13 students can BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). A secure wireless connection can be accessed by students across the whole campus.

The classroom teachers are well supported by a full time Network Manager and Help Desk team. E-safety is also of principal concern and students and teachers receive training, awareness-raising and monitoring in this area in accordance with our Child Protection Policy.