Early Years (Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception)

Nursery: 7:30am - 11:30am, Monday - Friday

Kindergarten: 7:30am - 12:30pm Monday - Thursday. 7.30am - 11:30am - Friday

Reception: 7:30am - 2pm Monday - Thursday. 7.30am - 11:30am - Friday

Please be punctual at the start and finish of each session. it can be very unsettling for a child to be waiting for parents/caregivers after a session has finished. If you are detained, please telephone the Junior School secretary to advise.

When you arrive at school, always take your child inside to greet their teachers and make sure that the teacher is aware of their arrival. Please do not leave your child alone in the classroom.

Registration is at 7:30am for Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception classes. Please ensure you are punctual.

If someone else is collecting your child please inform the staff. As a safety precaution we will not let your child go home with another person unless we have consent from parents.