Boarding Life

Boarding at Jerudong International School is situated within the school’s 300 acre campus in an attractive tropical setting. There are currently four boarding houses catering for approximately 280 full and weekly boarding students with roughly equal members of boys and girls. Students may board from Year 7 (eleven years old). There are two mixed age girls’ houses and two mixed age boys’ houses. Bedroom sizes vary, as do the number of students per room. Children can either board from Sunday night to Friday afternoon as weekly boarders or stay for a whole academic year (except for school holidays) as a full boarder.


The excellent facilities ensure that students are comfortable, safe and able to study. The school has invested in superb, purpose built residential accommodation, dining facilities, computer suites,  and outdoor recreation facilities. Security is a priority with guarded gate entry, patrols, clear entry and exit procedures, CCTV, perimeter fencing, and coded door locks.


Each boarder and staff member has a standardised school email account. We ask parents to keep in regular email contact with boarding staff. Electronic communication via email has many advantages for boarding staff and boarding parents and this is our preferred method of communication. Staff also communicate through the Firefly parent portal.


Calls after office hours should be made directly to the appropriate boarding Housemaster or Housemistress.

Students may make free calls to landlines in Brunei on the phones provided for this purpose (outgoing calls only) but calls are expected to be brief so that all children may use these phones. There is a phone card telephone for student use, adjacent to the small playground. Parents may telephone their child or the boarding staff at appropriate times. For example, no calls to or by children should be made after lights out. The four senior boarding staff and the matrons make their mobile phone numbers available for parents for emergency use only.

Boarders do not need mobile phones, especially expensive ones, however, simple (non internet) phones are permitted. Staff routinely collect in all mobile phones from younger boarders at lights out time. Boarders to switch their phones off at night time and pick up any communication in the morning.

Medical Matters

There are three fully qualified residential nurses who live and work at school. Boarders have their own medical rooms and this facility is well equipped to deal with minor ailments and injuries. For more serious matters, there is a Boarding Community minivan to take injured or sick children to see the doctors at Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) which is just a few minutes away by road. For accident and emergency matters an ambulance can be summoned and students are taken to the Accident and Emergency department of RIPAS hospital which is about fifteen to twenty minutes away.

The Matrons do far more than simply treat patients. They are actively involved in promoting health awareness and talk with the children on health promotion issues such as diet, exercise and managing examination stress. These can be via formal sessions, organised by the School Counsellor, which are held residentially and are targeted at appropriate age groups/genders or informally with the nurse.


All catering is done on site by external caterers who are highly skilled in providing Asian and Western dishes, all of which are halal. In addition to meals cooked on a three or four week menu cycle, the caterers also look after those with specific dietary needs.  All meals are included in the boarding fees and snacks and drinks are freely available. Existing students will testify that the food is tasty, varied and plentiful. There is an active food committee made up of student representatives from all ages and both sexes, who debate issues that arise concerning the catering provision. The catering staff are keen to provide an excellent service and as food is close to every boarder’s heart, the food committee is likely to continue to be one of the most active.

Boarders eat five times a day and are expected to attend all meals. Meal times are an opportunity to see everyone and keep an eye on the health, social circle, and eating habits of children. There are sixteen small kitchens strategically located adjacent to student bedrooms. These facilities have breakfast bars and lounge areas where boarders have access to a microwave oven, toaster, fridge, and kettle. Boarders are allowed to bring extra snack food to their house. Noodles are a current favourite!


It is our recommendation that boarders do not bring expensive items to school. Inevitably, boarders will have some items that they need to keep secure and for this reason every boarder is provided with a lockable wardrobe. Inside that is a second lockable drawer. Please help us and your child by making sure that all personal items are clearly labelled, and by providing them with a couple of small padlocks. Valuable items such as passports, and surplus pocket money should be handed over to the Housemaster or Housemistress for safe keeping.