Osprey House


Housemistress: Lynsay Scott

Deputy Housemistress: Clare Piper

Matron: Zarina Latip


Tel: +673 241 1000 Ext: 3026
Mobile: +673 8995539
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Osprey House has been designed in the same style as Eagle House with three floors, each with its own kitchen and common room areas and plenty of showers and bathroom space. The girls’ bedrooms accommodate two or four students with personal space for clothing and study. Osprey House has a large study area equipped with numerous computers where supervised evening study ensures school work is completed and help is available when needed. A smaller study area allows for collaborative work. Osprey girls are fortunate to have a music room with a piano and a small gymnasium equipped with a running machine and other small apparatus. The many varied spaces in Osprey allow the girls to pursue their interests comfortably, whether they be academic or in dance, fitness, art, drama, music or quietly reading or chatting with friends.

Osprey House is a happy and calm oasis, where the pupils are valued, respected and feel at home. Routines are established to ensure an organised and safe environment. Osprey girls are encouraged to forge strong, supportive relationships with staff and peers, to respect each other and their environment and to make the most of the opportunities on offer and (like the Osprey) to soar to great heights and experience success in many areas of their school life.

Lynsay Scott was educated at Epsom College, Nottingham University and Cambridge University in the U.K. At Culford Preparatory School Suffolk, she was Head of Science for five years as well as Activities Coordinator, organising all after school activities across the Preparatory School. In addition she was fully involved in the pastoral care of the weekly and full boarders.

Lynsay was Deputy Housemistress of Osprey House from August 2011 and became Housemistress in 2013.  She also teaches Science to Years 5 & 6 in the Junior School and is the Prep Science Coordinator. Lynsay’s husband Matthew works as a Kindergarten teacher in the Pre-Preparatory School. They have two children: Lily and Bertie who are also at the school and enjoy all that it has to offer. As a family they enjoy taking walks in the jungle and spending time out on their boat.

The Osprey pastoral team is made up of a Deputy Housemistress, Mrs Clare Piper (Geography), a Matron, Mrs. Zarina Latip who are resident in Osprey House. They are assisted by a team of teachers who are non-resident tutors.