The Houses

Eagle House

Eagle House accommodates up to 68 male boarders and pupils sleep in rooms of two or four depending on their age. Younger boys are in larger rooms, with more students to a room, up to senior students who share twin rooms.  Regular routines, clear guidelines and expectations ensure that school work and daily life are easily managed in order to ensure the maximum time for enjoying the many friendships and activities available. Prefects and staff form an effective team in supporting the younger or new Eagle House boarders. We run our own internal competitions for table tennis, chess, pool and these are all fiercely contested.

Eagle House also runs outings and trips as well as house innings where we play indoor hockey, sock wrestling, and traditional party type games. Eagle House organises an annual talent show competition early in the first term for all of the boarding houses to enter. This comes as a fascinating and fun ice breaker event and helps all boarders to feel comfortable and settle in quickly becoming part of a happy family away from home.

Study forms a central part of the evening routine and Eagle boys know that working hard will pay dividends in the future. Eagle House boys approach life with confidence and take up positions of responsibility throughout their house and at school.

Ibis House

Ibis House presently has beds for 70 male boarders and occupies four blocks. It has a common room with a table tennis table, an aquarium, a large screen LCD television with satellite television and comfortable seating and kitchen amenities. 

Ibis boys are very proud of their House and are involved in the running of regular and special events. They come from a variety of backgrounds and celebrate the cultural diversity of the house at special times of the year. Ibis boys are very active and participate in all kinds of sports, clubs and special interest organisations such as the International Award (Duke of Edinburgh). Overall, there is an atmosphere of mutual respect and camaraderie.

Kingfisher House

Kingfisher House is a warm and welcoming environment. The house comprises four blocks for up to 70 girls, from Year 7 to Year 13. The girls’ rooms are bright and comfortable, and provide them with a space they can make their own. The House also has communal areas where the girls can socialize and develop positive and supportive friendships as well as making their hot drinks and snacks. These have televisions, a Wii game and various board games for the girls to enjoy in their free time. Outside, they have easy access to a small tennis court, a basketball court and a large grassed play area.

Each of the blocks provides accommodation for between sixteen and twenty-two girls, with a Matron, the Housemistress or her Deputy in each block who ensure that the girls feel at home. Our dedicated team of Boarding House Prefects act as “big sisters” to the girls and offer advice and encouragement, and organise events to celebrate the cultural diversity of the House. Each girl has the opportunity to pursue her interests, develop her talents and feel confident to try new things.

All Kingfisher girls are active and adventurous. They show their initiative and enthusiasm by taking part in a wide variety of activities offered at school and within the boarding community. They love a challenge and support each other so they can all achieve their best with a great feeling of camaraderie.

Osprey House

Osprey House has been designed in the same style as Eagle House with three floors, each with its own kitchen and common room areas and plenty of showers and bathroom space. The girls' bedrooms accommodate two or four students with personal space for clothing and study. Osprey House has a study area where supervised evening study for younger students ensures school work is completed and help is available when needed.

It is a happy house and one where the pupils are valued, respected and feel at home. Routines are established to ensure an organised and safe environment. Each House develops its own character and loyalty and it is hoped that Osprey girls will forge strong, supportive relationships, so that they will make the most of the opportunities on offer and (like the Osprey) will soar to great heights and experience success in many areas of their school life.