Activities, Community and Environment


In the Senior School, particular weight is given to exposing students to the crucial issues of our age. We strongly encourage them to see themselves as global citizens and make important co-curricular links with local community, charitable and environmental issues. Pupils in the Upper Years are provided with a range of exciting, challenging and significant projects as we strive to raise their awareness and sense of social and ecological responsibility. 


We are constantly looking for opportunities to make learning come alive. There are numerous excursions and trips including a French exchange scheme and a very popular Humanities trip to Singapore.  In addition to this, we regularly bring in specialist speakers who offer presentations and workshops. Students are encouraged to ask questions and challenge what they hear, rather than simply receive information.

Numerous co-curricular activities also help to enlarge and enrich the curriculum. The Model United Nations, for example, not only introduces students to the rigours of public debate and committee work, but also enhances their understanding of current affairs. Towards the end of the school year, Activities Week provides further learning opportunities; our students have explored the volcanoes of Indonesia, been entertained in the theatres of London and watched a film being made in a Tokyo studio as well as other exciting local expeditions.

The International Award (sometimes called The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for Young People) is another significant feature of the Upper Years. The Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, involving excursions to Borneo and Northern India, are instrumental in developing a student’s sense of service; their physical abilities and practical skills.


Our students are extremely active and are the driving force behind charitable work, assemblies, social events and special occasions such as International Day, Peace Day and Earth Day. This is complemented by an active programme of fund raising for charitable causes such as the Angkor Hospital for Children in Cambodia and educational sponsorship of the Penan children in Malaysia.


Our aim is to promote education for sustainable development, through awareness raising and practical action. Environmental education takes place on a number of levels within the formal curriculum and as extra-curricular activities.  Pupils in the Upper Years are involved in a number of environmental initiatives including recycling, energy conservation, the school’s Eco Garden, beach clean-ups and Earth Day.