Pastoral Care and Houses

housesThe pastoral system at Years 12&13 is designed to give students friendly support and professional guidance. Students are placed in ‘vertical’ Houses and tutor groups which allow them to make supportive friendships and explore all kinds of topics, such as personal career ambitions, health matters, study skills and current world issues. They get to know their personal tutor very well and it is the tutor who is well placed to give advice on study or personal problems should they arise. Staff support, advise and guide students in conjunction with our Child Protection Policy.

As senior members of the school, Years 12&13 students have greater freedom and privileges as well as more relaxed relationships with the teaching staff. Independence is encouraged and students are expected to respond constructively to the trust placed in them.

Years 12&13 students have the opportunity to make a very valuable and worthwhile contribution to many aspects of school life. They are able to exercise leadership and communication skills through the House system and through our ‘Make a Difference’ (MAD) school community service programme.

The process of finding out what you want to do in life is, for most, an exciting, protracted and often confusing adventure. At JIS, students are supported in this journey every step of the way. The school provides a structured and highly professional Higher Education and Careers Service that is delivered through tutor groups, assemblies, PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education), one-to-one appointments and interviews.

There are 16 Houses in JIS - 4 Boarding and 12 Day Houses. Students in Year 13 have the opportunity to be voted in as House Captains and go on to play an important role helping to run an active and flourishing House system.