IB Diploma Scholarships (full boarding)


  • The full boarding scholarships are awarded to candidates who show outstanding talent, based on ability and potential who come from outside Brunei.
  • Candidates will be 16+ entering Year 12 (i.e. the first year of the 2 year Diploma Programme).
  • Candidates must sit an online Cognitive Ability Test, a written test in English and attend an interview.
  • Candidates must have achieved an I/GCSE tariff of 5A* and A grades or the equivalent if coming from MYP / US Curriculum Schools.
  • Successful candidates must follow the full IB Diploma Programme and maintain a high level of achievement throughout the two years in order to retain the scholarship.

Scholarship Package

  • The IB Diploma academic scholarship carries an annual monetary award of up to 35% reduction in full tuition and boarding fees. This is equivalent to a maximum reduction of approximately US$13,400 - US$14,200 approximately, deducted from the standard fee range of US$38,444 - US$40,852 per annum for tuition and boarding) *This assumes US$1=B$1.35.
  • The scholarship remains with a student throughout their school career but is subject to annual review by the School Principal and Board of Governors. Scholars must continue to show outstanding progress and play an active part in the area of their scholarship throughout their school life to retain the award


Deadline for Scholarship Applications: Friday, 19th January 2018. Assessments will be take place by 24th February 2018.

Who can apply?

  • Students of all nationalities may apply for an IB scholarship.
  • Students must have an outstanding academic record.
  • A strong command of written and spoken English is essential.
  • Scholarships are not available to students whose fees are paid by a sponsoring company.

How to apply

The application process will involve completing / sending the following (please scan and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):

  1. Signed and completed forms (Scholarship Application Form, Health History Form). Please note the Health Form must be completed by a Medical Practitioner.
  2. Three passport sized photos (or a jpeg)
  3. Previous school reports for the past 3 years including predicted IGCSE grades
  4. Copy of full Birth Certificate
  5. Copy of information page of passport
  6. Receipt of both parents’ passport information page
  7. B$200 non-refundable application fee

IB Diploma Scholarship Assessment Process

  1. Performance in a Cognitive Ability Test
    This online test is not a curriculum test. It is actually a series of short tests designed to assess four different areas –
    • Verbal Reasoning Test – thinking with words Quantitative (or Numerical)
    • Reasoning Test – thinking with numbers
    • Non Verbal Reasoning Test – thinking with shapes
    • Spatial Ability Test – thinking with shape and space
    • We are sorry but practice tests for the online tests are not available. The test itself contains practice questions before each section.

  2. For non, first-language English speakers, a 90 minute written English paper.
    This is to determine if the level of English will enable them to cope with the academically demanding course.
  3. Grades gained in the I/GCSEs in Year 11 or equivalent
    A minimum of 5 x Grade A or A* Grades is required. Provisional offers will be made on the basis of predicted grades but of the School reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship offer if the grades are not achieved. For students coming from an MYP or non UK academic background, we will require students to take subject assessments so that JIS academic staff can assess if the student is at an equivalent level.
  4. Interview
    The final stage of the scholarship application process is an interview with the School Principal, Mr Barnaby Sandow or the Head of Upper Years (Years 10-13), Mr Anthony Piper and/or Dr Colin Dickinson, IB Coordinator.

Additional Costs

Travel to / from Brunei for each academic term, annual medical insurance, IB Examination Fees (Year 13), School Uniform, Stationery, Textbooks, Trips and extra-curricular activities are payable by the parents or legal guardians.