Activities, Community and Environment


As the most senior members of the school, pupils in the Years 12&13 are expected to take on greater responsibilities within the school community and demonstrate maturity and initiative. Important co-curricular links with local community, charitable and environmental issues are also established and Years 12&13 students have opportunities to lead a range of projects to help raise charitable funds, awareness and a sense of social and ecological responsibility.


All Years 12&13 students are expected to give something back to their school or community during their time as senior members of the student body. During the first two terms of the academic year, all Year 12 and Year 13 students contribute at least one hour of service each week. This may be a part of the Gold International Award, Borneo Project, volunteering at Pusat Ehsan, fundraising for an orphanage in Cambodia, or giving more to the many good causes in and out of Brunei.

The International Award (sometimes called The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for Young People) is a significant feature of Years 12&13 and the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, involving recent excursions to Borneo, India and Kenya, and are instrumental in developing a student’s sense of service, physical abilities and practical skills.

The Model United Nations is another enriching programme which not only introduces students to the rigours of public speaking and debating, but also enhances their understanding of current world affairs. Participants have the opportunity to attend international conferences each year.

Towards the end of the school year, Activities Week provides further learning opportunities, charitable projects and excursions both locally and internationally.


Our Years 12&13 students are extremely active and the driving force behind charitable work, assemblies, social events and special occasions such as International Day, Peace Day and Earth Day. This is complemented by an active programme of fund raising for charitable causes. The Years 12&13’s nominated charity is Pusat Ehsan, a charity for intellectually and physically handicapped students in Brunei. Monies raised have come from casual clothes days, ribbon sales and ice cream sales.


Our aim is to promote education for sustainable development, through awareness raising and practical action. Environmental education takes place on a number of levels within the formal curriculum and as extra-curricular activities. Students in Years 12&13 are instrumental in leading the environmental initiatives including; fundraising, recycling, energy conservation, the school’s Eco Garden, beach clean-ups, Earth Day as well as the website Eco JIS.