Pastoral Care and Houses

Pastoral Care is at the heart of the Middle Years as all students require praise, encouragement and support. Much evidence suggests that success in academic work depends upon a strongly developed sense of self-esteem so each of our students is valued as an individual but they are also made to be aware of their responsibilities to the wider community. We aim to ensure that each student is given the support he or she requires to be successful and the school’s pastoral system aims to provide the emotional, moral, physical and intellectual foundations that lead to successful and fulfilled adults. All staff support, advise and guide children in conjunction with our Child Protection Policy.

The tutor plays a key role in the pastoral care of a child and the personal and social development of students is given a high priority. Many students experience the onset of adolescence at some point during the Middle Years and the curriculum reflects the need to support them with the mental and physical changes occurring during this stage. To this end, PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) takes place each week and is a valued aspect of the programme.

housesThere are further opportunities for the development of personal and social skills through assemblies, co-curricular activities, dramatic performances, musical performances and participation in House events. The House system is in place to provide an avenue for competition and camaraderie amongst the students. Siblings are placed in the same House upon enrolment and develop a keen loyalty to their House. The House Captains play an important role helping to run an active and flourishing House system. There are 16 Houses in total (4 Boarding and 10 Day Houses), each with 65-75 students in.