Activities, Community and Environment


In the Middle Years, we believe that if we are to truly educate the whole child then we must provide them with exciting and challenging experiences.  A great deal of learning happens outside of classrooms and pupils become involved in a range of projects as we strive to raise their awareness and sense of social and ecological responsibility.


We are constantly looking for opportunities to make learning come alive so trips and activities are an integral aspect of the education provided. Excursions broaden a student’s understanding of work that is being covered in class in a practical and engaging manner and visits to places of interest including; jungle parks, national monuments and tourist attractions occur on a regular basis. Throughout the Middle Years, numerous other co-curricular activities help to enlarge and enrich the curriculum. The Model United Nations, for example, not only introduces students to the rigours of public debate and committee work, but also enhances their understanding of current affairs. Towards the end of the school year, Activities Week provides further learning opportunities; our students have explored Borneo and Cambodia as well as other exciting local expeditions and school based activities.


The Middle Years students adopt charity work as the main focus of the leadership programme and are the driving force behind involving their peers in fund raisers, assemblies, social events and special occasions such as International Day, Peace Day and Earth Day. Fundraising activities include: BBQs, raffles, staff coffee mornings, selling of Cambodian products from NGOs. Activities Week also provides opportunities for students to visit the project first hand.  Groups of Middle Years students, accompanied by senior students, have now worked at the Cambodian Sangheum Centre for Children on more than 5 occasions. The centre provides education, training, scholastic support and care to disadvantaged youths. Specific initiatives have also included running a Science Week and ‘Fun with Maths’ week.


In the Middle Years, environmental education takes place on a number of levels within the formal curriculum and as extra-curricular activities. Pupils are involved in various environmental initiatives including; recycling, energy conservation, the school’s Eco Garden, beach clean-ups and Earth Day. Our aim is to promote education for sustainable development, through awareness raising and practical action.