Academic Curriculum


The Middle Years give pupils a broad, balanced, differentiated and rigorous curriculum during this crucial stage of their cognitive development. We offer all the subjects required as part of the British National Curriculum with an enriched performing arts, sporting and extensive co-curricular provision.

All students in Years 7 and 8 are taught English and humanities with cross-curricular links between them. They also study mathematics, science, ICT, physical education, games, computing, drama, art, music, design and technology (Food Technology, Textiles and Product Design), PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education).International students also select two modern foreign languages – one Asian and one European language, from a choice of Malay, Mandarin, Spanish and French. First language Bahasa Melayu is available as a mother tongue language for Bruneian students.

In Year 9, students study the following core subjects: mathematics, English, the three Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Geography and History together with one language. They also select two option subjects from: a range of languages (Malay, Chinese, French or Spanish), art and design, computing, design and technology (Food Technology, Textiles or Product Design), drama or music.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) and limited Learning Support (LS) facilities are provided to children, on a needs basis, in both mainstream classrooms and smaller groups. A very successful Intensive Language Programme (ILP) for students with little or no English is also available.

Specialist Middle Years teaching staff are dedicated to assisting pupils to fulfil their potential. Lessons are characterised by rigour, pace and high expectations. A variety of teaching methods are incorporated which range from whole class discussion, co-operative group work, through to individual projects and assignments. There is an emphasis on higher order proficiencies such as problem solving, formulation of hypotheses, abstract thinking and reasoning contrary to fact. These skills encourage students to become creative, critical and independent. Online learning is an area which we are developing rapidly. This provides us with great opportunities to encourage students to learn in new and exciting ways. In Years 8 and 9, students are required to have an iPad for use in the classroom as part of the digital learning policy

The Middle Years are a crucial transition stage into the Senior School where in the Upper Years (Years 10 & 11) external examination subjects (I/GCSEs and A-levels or the International Baccalaureate) will be chosen. Our students are provided with a curriculum that offers a breadth of academic experience across a variety of significant areas. They will experience gratification and success in a number of subjects which will in turn position them to make informed choices concerning future subject specialisation.

In the Middle Years, students experience the onset of adolescence and it is important that they are in an educational environment which helps them to learn and cope with these mental and physical changes. Therefore, to facilitate academic progress our curriculum incorporates social, physical, emotional, moral and spiritual development as we believe these elements are integral to a holistic education.

Overall, this broad curriculum is designed to be engaging and enriching so that students participate as fully as possible in everything on offer.