Pastoral Care and Houses

In the Junior School we place great emphasis on the welfare, safety and well-being of the children. Pastoral Care is an integral aspect of school life which underpins the curriculum and ties in with the House System. Staff support, advise and guide children in conjunction with our Child Protection Policy.

The classroom teacher is the first port of call for students to discuss concerns about work or personal matters. Weekly assemblies, P4C and Circle time are regular features of the PSHE programme (personal, social, health and economic education) and allow pupils space to discuss problems and social issues in a constructive manner.

We positively encourage good behaviour and have systems in place based on Rights and Responsibilities, Choices and Consequences. We have a strong peer and class support system in which older students pair up with younger ones to model good behaviour, offer guidance and advice. New students are assigned a class buddy to befriend them and ease the settling-in period. In Year 6, School Captains are elected and serve as role-models to the other students. They help run our weekly assemblies, providing guidance and leadership to their peers.

Playtimes are carefully supervised by teachers on duty. Children may explore the extensive outdoor play facilities including: climbing frames, sandpits, football and basketball as well as traditional activities such as hop-scotch and skipping. Some choose the quieter in-door option of Lunch Club which is co-ordinated by staff-counsellors and teachers and provides a quiet haven for board-games, jigsaws and the chance to build friendship skills in a supportive environment.

As an international school we promote cultural diversity and understanding through regular celebrations, festivals and colour days. Students enjoy learning about other cultures, or more about their own, and wear traditional dress or a colour associated with the celebration.

The House System is in place to provide an avenue for competition and camaraderie amongst the students. Siblings are placed in the same house upon enrolment and develop a keen loyalty to either: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue House. House points are awarded for a variety of reasons including competitions, academic or personal achievement, sportsmanship, kindness and co-operation and, at the end of the year; the overall winning house is presented with the House Trophy.

Developing student leadership is a key part of the Pastoral and House System and there are many opportunities for students to be part of school councils, event planning and peer support.