Academic Curriculum

Nursery up to Year 6 guides students on a programme of structured learning, play and discovery. In the Early Years we begin by incorporating the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and from Year 1 onwards include relevant aspects of the British National Curriculum. These curricula have been adapted and enhanced for our international setting.

Early Years

Ages 2 to 5

Our Early Learning Goals aim to develop the whole child at a pace that is suitable for them. From Nursery, Kindergarten to Reception the children learn from experimenting and interacting in a supportive, engaging environment. They thrive on teamwork, decision-making and problem-solving activities. Making friends, learning about care, respect and consideration for others are paramount. These early years have a crucial role in fostering intellectual, physical and emotional progress as students are encouraged to grow creatively, to acquire confidence and develop effective personal and social skills.

In Reception, the early elements of reading, writing and mathematics are introduced to provide a strong foundation for entry into Year 1. Our Reception students also continue their creative, social and physical development through the experience of arts and crafts, a foreign language, music and physical education.

In the early days of schooling, parental involvement is vital and parents are welcome to join trips and fun days. They can also meet informally with teachers at the start and end of the day and at pre-arranged times after school.

Junior Years 1 – 6

Ages 6 to 11

From Years 1 – 6, the curriculum helps to develop the student’s knowledge and understanding across the subjects ensuring progression in terms of content, skills and the development of research strategies. There is also an increased focus on Science and the advancement of ICT applications. Students are expected to take a more active role in planning programmes of work as well as acquiring a sense of responsibility and autonomy in preparation for transition to Senior School. They are encouraged to be creative, independent thinkers and self-motivated learners.

A broad curriculum of some twelve subjects is offered which includes:

Information and Communication Technology
Design Technology
P.E, Swimming and Games
Modern Foreign Languages
Personal, Social and Health Education

These are supported by the enrichment programme.