Food @ JIS

good school food

fresh JIS has recently upgraded its catering on campus and within the boarding houses canteen. The aims of catering at JIS are:

  • Better Health
  • Better Taste
  • Better Presentation
  • Better Value For Money

As part of the change, we have introduced two caterers who provide the food for the whole school. The caterers are:

Our primary food service partner is Serikandi, a renowned catering company that operates all over Brunei and has an established name. They currently provide the food for a number of large canteens, including Brunei Shell Petroleum and the Panaga Club. Serikandi work alongside a nutritionist to provide the best possible food for school meals. They provide all of the food from the boarding houses, hot meals for lunch across all three school canteens and also serve food from two kiosks within the main canteen area.

Grazestarz Restauant and Cateringgrazestar
Grazestarz Restaurant and Catering was established in 2013, and they are now a caterer at JIS Brunei, providing kiosk food. They run a premier Japanese restaurant titled Kitaro located in Centerpoint hotel in Gadong and manage and run the food and beverage operation at The Star Lodge hotel. Their kitchen brigade consists of 25 members and is headed by their Executive Chef who has over 10 years experience working in international hotels and franchise restaurants.

As part of their offering, Grazestarz will be running a ‘Grab and Go’ & a ‘Japanese’ kiosk. Their menu has been designed with the best choices of fresh, homemade dishes that will suit students of all ages.