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Purchase Option 1
JIS holds a Second Hand Book Sale in June each year. This is an opportunity to mingle as parents and sell textbooks that your child no longer requires. Please ask the Admissions team for further information about date and location of the Sale.

Purchase Option 2
Pre-Order texts from Early Childhood Publications (ECP) using the list provided. The contact details are on each Booklist. ECP will bring the textbooks to the School for collection the week before the academic year starts.

Book lists
Y7 Book list
Y8 Book list | Maths Textbook Instructions
Y9 Book list | Maths Textbook Instructions
Y10 Book list
Y11 Book list
Y12 (A Level) Book list
Y12 (IB - International Baccalaureate) Book list
Y13 (A Level) Book list
Y13 (IB - International Baccalaureate) Book list